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HW 1: Initial Thoughts on the Digital Matrix

As a person who lives in house with a person born form a different millenium than myself, I believe that I am privileged to say that “times have changed”.  This is mostly a result of the paramount increase in the usage of electronic devices on daily bases. The skew in the usage of gadgets is so great that it has now become a sort of habit of people to become either obsessed or paranoid of their devices. Many people will tell you that the digital evolutionary is bliss and heaven, many other believe that it will mark the end the future of humanity as we know it. Both of those assumption, while they might seam extreme, are very sound thought and it is simple to see that they are based on logical thinking. The effects the digital matrix will have on mankind is still an enigma due to it being both a blessing and a curse.

To keep things on an optimistic side I will begin by explaining the gains and prospers that are the result of the digital matrix. The digital matrix offers anyone the possibility of infinite knowledge at the tip of their fingers. Every scrap of recorded knowledge that was able to survive to this day can now be found on the internet in either writing, video format, and or audio format. Not only is the information available but also the majority of it is simplified and abridged, at least the more crucial facts, so anyone can is capable of understanding it. The digital matrix also allows us an Artificial Paradise in which we can either numb our brain on short snippets of comedy or stuff it with with awe of  all the beauties and masterpieces ever created and achieved. People can easily find the right stimulants through the use of digital matrix that triggers the chemical reaction in the brain that results in different emotions. The digital matrix has become the ultimate shrine of both endless knowledge and an endless torrent of entertainment.

While the digital matrix does appear to be salvation it is also, most definitely, an abomination. The digital matrix leaves us vulnerable and weak. As the result of the huge influence of technology in people’s life, every person’s life is now on display, life savings of thousands are now up for grabs for anyone who knows to reach out, and the threat of totalitarian government is becoming more and more realistic. As a result of social media people’s life are on displayed in a similar fashion as merchandise in shops windows. People’s life long careers can easily be snatched up and broken into thousands of peaces as a result of spreading certain privet codes on the internet. While this may seem overly romanticized it is  by no means fictional, governments all over the world are able to control the lives of civilians weeks and months before any discovery are made. By entrusting our self to the digital matrix we are creating endless opportunities to ruin the world as we know it.


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