A lovely bit of cabin fever

HW 2 interaction with screens log

over the course of 24 hours, starting at midnight and ending at midnight, I had interacted with screens for approximately 7

reflection bubbles:

– I spent most of the time listening to music

– I like catching up on shows that I missed

-this is relatively small amount considering I want to sleep at about midnight

-Hmm I went to sleep at midnight and I considered that fine

– I should re-evaluate my perspective on sleeping

questions based on my thought bubbles:

– Do I prefer interacting with screens over achieving basic necessity such as sleep?

-What aspects of the digital matrix do I enjoy more than others?

-Am I ever in awe as a results of the digital matrix?

– Would civilization have been able to progress at the rate it did if there was no option to experience joy?

thinking about bubble:

I find it slightly unhealthy that I prefer to spend my time in front of a screen rather than going to sleep. However, I also understand the logic behind my unhealthy habit. Most nights I look up a subject, I than continue to look deeper into the subjects by looking at different representation of the subject such as art work, video, discussion boards, and or other critics opinion. While this process does take up several hours I do feel better and better educated in the certain aspects I looked up on a computer. For example a few days ago I was looking up stories about coming of age to further deepen my prospective of a book I am reading. I ended up watching a film about coming-of-age story that ended with the main character being raped and killed. This not only triggered sadness (which made me happy that I watched a good film that emotionally moves people) but I was also able to deepen my view of the book I was reading. I think that my skewed opinion of temporary pleasure produced by the digital matrix is negatively effecting my health.

thinking technique

the thinking technique I used in writing my brief paragraph can be summed up as the ” narcissist desperately trying to justify their unhealthy habits technique”


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