A lovely bit of cabin fever


My experience of being indulged in the digital matrix can easily be explained by comparing the experience to Newton’s first law. An object (my emotional state) that is at rest will stay at rest unless an unbalance force (bubbles that the digital matrix is creating) acts upon it. It is necessary to clarify that I observed my phonology while watching a season premiere of an action based show. Before I started watching the show I was mostly calm yet slightly anticipate. Once the show started all my calmness metamorphosis into excitement and I felt a connection to the events in the show. My emotional state altered from reasonably calm to slightly overwhelmingly excitement as a result of interacting with the digital matrix, in my case that was watching a TV program.

This observation leads me to conclude that television programs act upon people’s emotions which lead to a disturbance in their emotions’ rest. However, this is the purpose of watching television and I speculate that having one’s emotions toyed with is an acceptable price to get a small healthy dosage of excitement and thrill. It is necessary thought to know that one’s emotions are being tugged otherwise an unhealthy addiction will manifest and will result in destructive side effects.


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