A lovely bit of cabin fever


Fallowing the logic of the saying “you are the company you keep” I try to be around interesting and insightful people. To my surprise and I immense disappointment, my peers had not only provided me with mediocre answers but they all said the exact same thing in just so many different words. One of my questions was whether they think that adults should have phones during work hours. Their replies ranges from:

“Yes, I think that for emergencies, all adults should have a phone and keep it with them in case of emergency, but I do not think they should take time during work to answer personal messages. Being at work should be devoted to work time, not personal time”

to the similarly statement of

“I think that in our day and age it is important for any independent individual to have a phone with them. They should be responsible, of course; a nurse probably shouldn’t leave an IV hanging out of somebody’s arm to go answer her phone. But if there is some sort of emergency then it is important for them to have their phones on hand.”

While I am culpable for asking such an elementary question, I was not expecting my peers to respond with the answers that the educational bored has been hammering, beaten, and stuffing into students’ minds. However, not all of the answers that were repeated were the result of brain washing. Some of the more refreshing responses were answered to the question:

People are greatly motivated by pleasure/happiness. It is my theory that society was able to progress in order to supply more pleasure. Based on my theory do you think that the digital matrix would help society evolve faster or not?

One response that is simple and clear is: as a result to communication overseas become easier and easier research is done in synchronization manner regardless of people’s location. A more flavorful response is: “Here’s my real view on the matter: I think that certain aspects of society will evolve faster, but we will lose many in the depths of tumblr and porn”.


A meaningful answer that fallowed me the whole day in an almost daunting fashion was a reply to the question:

The digital has opens has access to everything. As a result do you think that the digital matrix is able to bring out people’s true personality or do you think it creates another layer of superficiality? How come?

“Many social websites will foster the need for another personality; one that is better fit for online interaction, based on whatever is “cool” at the moment. However, many people will be motivated, having found groups of people with similar interests to theirs over the internet (whereas they would not have been able to find their niche before, and possibly moved away from their passion)”.

This response can easily be compared to taking the red pill. Once the pill is swallowed it is possible to distinguish the false-happy- reality from the men-eating-robots-reality. While this response does not include consumptions of any sorts of flesh, it does to touch the concept of being aware of what is happing oneself.


I find that interviewing peers is who are around my age about the digital matrix is a psychologically messy job. Other than the fact adolescence are very easily distracted by tumblr and 9gag, teenagers are also on very different playing filled when it comes to thought process. During the earlier years in the cycle of life children mostly maintain information passed down from adults. Adolescence is the time period in which older people stop teaching their juniors their codes and ethics and let those “young minds” flourish. This would appear as brilliant other than the fact that some adolescences still repeat what adults had previously thought them, while others are able to develop thoughts of their own. This made the interviews very unique from one another because the subjects were not on an equal level of thinking.


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