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Sun Tzu teaches that in order to win a battle one needs to take into consideration five fundamental strategies (moral cause, climates, situation, leadership, and discipline). If the fundamental strategies are speculated before going into battle it is possible to accurately predict who will emerge victor without any actual fighting. As I was strapping on my metaphoric gé jiâ I reflected on fundamental strategies and their relevance to my up and coming battle with the mighty enemy, The Interviewees. My moral cause was highly motivated by the prospect of capturing treasures of deep insightful questions that would be gained from a successful battle. The climate was to my advantage a comfortable living room with a warm inviting vibe which encourages talking. My situation was that of a neutral understanding of both armies, which played for my advantage. The leadership of my army was courageous and was not intimidated of confronting an older enemy. My army was highly disciplined and was aware of the rewards that it will gain for good performance on the battlefield.  My analysis of the fundamental strategies declared that I shall win the battle and return to my kingdom of “wordpress blog” with treasures of insightful answers. The battle was long and well fought and the treasures gained were not as plentiful as I had expected them to be. Some of the goods were mediocre and plain, which was bad for the moral of my army. For example the gains of attack “should teachers be replaced by machines?” were a plain and boring due to their dull coating of “I think you get more from interacting with people than they would with machines”. Never backing down from the fight my army was able to conquer the other army and possess beautiful and insightful treasures such as “I think that the reason why people post stupid things on Facebook is because they fear that if they don’t leave their mark than they [people] will be forgotten over time, which they will be. However, if they post stupid things online it will always be there and a part of them would be remembered forever”. While this battle was successful it was one successful battle out of the many others that will be thought in the “improving my interview skills” war. However, I believe that the majority of the dull treasures that I conquered were the result of the opposite army’s perspective being tinted as a result of them being parents of two young boys. In addition the enemy army was highly experienced in the art of “living in the suburbs” which also influenced their point of view on the digital matrix.


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The questions that had similar answers were the ones that required the interviewee to analysis human interactions involving the Digital Matrix. When I asked my parents if the digital matrix is capable of bringing out people’s personality they both replied with similar answers. A basic translation of what my Father had said is: That when people use the Digital Matrix, especially when interacting with the internet, people create a new personality, a Mr. Hyde to their Dr. Jekyll, which better suits the situation. The Digital Matrix is the modern equivalent of the Wild West; people if a dark past would leave their home to start a new life, become the new sheriff and save the town. My Mother responded that friendships that are formed and bolstered only by the usage of Digital Matrix are artificial relationships. While speaking to someone face to face one is able to see all the small body motion and tale tell sings that exposes their true personality. However, on the Digital Matrix people are able to hide behind typed words.

The most enjoyable aspect of interviewing a person who is older and has a vaster knowledge than myself or other people my age is the insightful answers they give to any question that is asked of them. For instance, when I asked my Father to compare and contrast reading books to getting involved in the digital matrix he supplied me with the answer by stating “books have limited information, are not interactive, and it is only possible to read a head or read back. However, in the Digital Matrix, especially when playing video games, there is a constant flow of information that triggers the right side of the brain. When playing video games there is a constant notion of a primeval fear and excitement from not knowing what will pop up next. While books are able to be unexpected and eerie they are not able to capture the sensation of true “danger”. My Father, who is usually indifferent to video games, was able to give a deep and accurate answer based on prior knowledge that he gained through time. I find interviewing adults a more fruitful and plentiful then interviewing my peers because they have experience and worldly knowledge that can only be gained by time.

My parents are on equal grounds concerning their opinion of the Digital Matrix. Based on their life experience both my parents view the Digital Matrix as a tool to further progress in one’s profession. Both my parents had seen computers progress and how they affected the efficiency of people’s work. By seeing the evolution of computers effect on work my parents learned how to better adapt to the digital matrix to further their success. I believe that their past experiences have positively skewed their view of the digital matrix.

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