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The digital matrix is a fractured representation of human face to face interaction. The digital matrix is meant to be used as a tool to shift the weight of discomfort off society’s shoulders by creating simple representations of entertainment and communication of human interaction. Both entertainment and communication are a representation of life outside of the digital matrix. However, the representations are altered and mutated into a simplified version of what they signify. This is further emphasized when comparing the two previously mentioned aspects of the digital matrix to philosophical critiques of representations of reality and representations of representations of reality.

Reason I: Magritte’s paintings of representation of reality are an analogy to deformity of the digital matrix’s version of the human interaction. Magritte painting, Not to be Reproduce, is an illustration of the back of what appears to be a man standing in front of a mirror. However, the mirror does not reflect the front of the figure but the back of the figure. This painting is a representation of a man who is represented by a mirror. These embedded representations are not meant to be an accurate portrayal of a person and it’s reflection in a mirror. The painting is meant to be distorted in order to boldly highlight how the painting is not reality but in fact only a representation of reality. This is an analogy to the digital matrix, specifically concerning communication. The amount of ways to communicate throughout the digital matrix is so great that easily exceeds the hundreds digits value. A few famous examples that are used worldwide on an hourly base are Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. These websites embark on the impossible task of capturing the phenomenon of human interaction and experiences; Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr encourage people to post as many random updates they can so other people would get the impression that they are with the blogger. However, this is only a representation of human interaction, and a fractured one at that. The communication that is done online is being transmitted through abbreviated words that represent emotions. While it is true that people do use these abbreviated words (which are the highest form of torture and disgrace of the English langue), a whole conversation can be had between people through the use of body langue, tone of voice, eye contact, and or lack of eye contact. The form of a communication on the internet is made to be a distortedly obvious representation of human interaction in order to make definite distinguish for people that the digital matrix is not the same thing as face to face interaction.

In Magritte’s painting The Human Condition, Magritte illustrates a room with a window open showing a nature scenery outside. However, a part of the scenery is replaced by a painting of what seems to be a continuation of the scenery. This is another demonstration of how the representations are not the original concept they symbolize. The painting is a representation of a painting of scenery inside which appears to be a part of the actual scenery which is viewed from a window which is all painted between the borders of a canvas. This is another example of Magritte is giving the world the biggest facepalm* for even mistaking representations for reality. This is another analogy of the digital matrix that uses representations to show human interaction. In order to be able to express emotions in a way that everyone can understand the digital matrix uses simplified expressions of emotions to represents human feelings. This is not only a representation of emotions but it is also a simplified representation of a representation. The representation of representation of emotions is similar to The Human Condition because they both show how they are distorted representation of something else.

Reason II: Plato’s analogy of the cave.

Evidence 1: the people in the cave are seeing the shadows of objects that have multiple light sources, which create distorted shadows that represent the outline of objects. This works as an analogy to how entertainment on the digital matrix is a representation of what people’s life should be like which is filtered by more than one group of people, the same way the different light sources created distorted shadows.

Evidence 2: the people in the cave are looking at representations of objects that represent actual things. Different types of entertainment create a representation of how life should be like and not what life actually is like.

Counter argument: The digital matrix accurately portrays human interaction because the representation is funded from the most basic concept of human interactions which all people understand and relate to. While the digital matrix is capable of representing the simplest form of human interaction it overlooks the majority of the essence that make up human interaction. Hence making the representation of human interaction look like a hillbilly, mentally challenged, senile old man that is only able to communicate in baby talks and vowls.



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