A lovely bit of cabin fever


Richtel, Matt. “Growing Up DIgital, Wired for DIstraction.” New York Times. 21 11 2010: n. page. Print.

The students of Woodside High School grades are suffering as a result of being too distracted by the digital matrix. The majority of the students spend many hours updating their Facebook status instead of working on their school work. In order encourage student to focus more on school work Woodside High School combines the digital matrix in to classroom activities. While some students are passionate about outside of school projects that involve the digital matrix they still spend their time checking on their Facebook.

Carr, N. “Is Google making us stupid?.” August 2008: n. page. Print. While Google itself does not technically makes people stupid per say it does negatively effects people’s attention spans for reading long article. As a result to constantly reading short articles quickly online it is harder for people to concentrate on a txt than it had been for them ten years ago.

Section 11CD. Personal/Political Course Discussion. SOF. 10 November 2011 The class discussion explained that one of the reason people go on the digital matrix is because they are trying to feel a metaphorical “hole”. The two main feelings for the “hole” are Facebook, which boosts people’s ego, and video games, which temporarily entertains people. By the end of the discussion it was not only explained that the “hole” has many forms of feelings but the “hole” is and has always been there.

While I do not live in a t.v. drama in which I am constantly troubled by great waves of angst, I do have problems that I deal with. For instance I don’t like going to school, just hypothetically speaking, and so instead I draw whenever I can. I see no difference between drawing as a way to escape a dark and dreary reality than going on the digital matrix as a way to escape a dark and dreary reality. While articles such as “Growing Up DIgital, Wired for Distraction” and “Is Google making us stupid?” state that the digital matrix is hindering people’s performance in school or when reading I say “oh contraire”. I think that the digital matrix, or any other distraction, is able to give us enough temporary emotions to make people go through another day of their weary existence. My thoughts are more similar to the ideas from Personal/Political Course Discussion. I think that since I am constantly negatively indifferent to what’s happening around me it is good for me to indulge myself in activities that give a good kick of temporary content. Keeping in mind that I will soon embark on a “soul searching quest” to figure out how many douses of digital matrix I should take a day I came up with the fallowing conclusion. As long as I finish what is required of me, whatever it might be, it doesn’t matter how much of my time I the on the digital matrix or doing any other activity that makes me pleased enough to want to get out of bed the next day.


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