A lovely bit of cabin fever


The chart below is organized by going from most prioritized interaction with the digital matrix to the less important ones

activity Time spent on a daylily bases Reasons why I partake (or why it makes me “happy”) Alternative Concerns about alternation
Listing to music on iPod 11-14 hours (the time accounted is for only the hours in which I am consciously listening to music) Drown out the noise coming out of those fleshy things that hang on people’s faces that are constantly flapping around. –          I would have to lower my expectation of humanity and my way of thinking unbelievably low so I would be able to tolerate the blabbering people call talking. Music withdrawal is a horrible because unlike most withdrawal which are externally visible music withdrawal can only be done independently and no one sympathizes your pain
Internet distraction: 9gag,Tumblr, DeviantArt etc.  5-7 hours Distract my mind from contemplating my fate and punishment which was decreed upon me by society. –          Any other activity that distracts me from my current reality.(Sleeping, drawing, etc.)

–          Do things that would give me an accurate perspective of how dreary the life of a adolescents actually is (ex. Re reading Maus by Art Spiegelman

–          Pet my cats (they are entering enough)

–          Those detractions are one of the few things that are able to make my brain release the chemicals and neurotransmission that make me happy. Having to alter my interaction with my distraction could cause me to feel even more frustrated.
Televisions and Movies 3-5 hours Analyze how people are able to create a representation of people’s experiences and emotions through the usage of camera angle, music, lighting, character interaction, speed etc. Read a good book/graphic novelWatch only brilliant shows and movies My main concern is that I would no longer be able to appreciate each frame and further more I would not be able to share my fascination with the  cinematography community.
Phone- games and looking up things 2-3 hours Ease the taxation of having to bear the boredom and agitation of being surrounded people which I rather not be with, such as the crazy ones on the subway. Not to use it in class an instead I should focus on teachers’ feeble attempt at successfully trying to do their job I would actually have to observe how teachers are failing at teaching  which makes me feel pitiful for the students who are getting bad education, concerned about how the my future would  in comparison to the teachers, and frustration at the government which is imprisoning  me an hour a day with teachers who are unable to accomplish their job
­­­­­­­­Drawing on the computer via Photoshop 1-2 Being able to draw by using digital medias is a necessity  for me to be able to accomplish my optimistic yet on realistic “dreams” No alternatives.

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