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HW 10 – Digital Matrix Challenge Part 2

I find school to be boring.  Not only is school boring but it also deprives me from my ability to think independently and creatively. School entombed my spirit to classrooms in which my interests are bashed down and dismissed. I will even venture out to say that school is the cause for why I spend my free time accomplishing nothing while aimlessly withering away on the digital matrix.  Schools train students to sit in one place in order to take in new information. Those students then go home to sit in their room to take in more information. However, the information those students absorb is much more simple and unnecessary than what is given to them in school. For instance students learn a lot about how their friends like a certain band via Facebook, or that if you shot at the floor four times you would unlock an Easter egg in a video game.  Based on this rant it is reasonable to assume that my plan of action would be to abolish all interactions with the digital matrix. However, after reading excerpts from Reality is Broken, by Jane McGonigal, I realized I like the digital matrix because it can make me happy if I use it in a way that’s relevant to me. McGonigal states in her book that hard work that people voluntarily chose to do is more rewarding than just relaxing. This is because “we are actively moving ourselves toward positive end of the emotional spectrum. We are intensely engaged, and this puts us in precisely the right frame of mind and physical condition to generate all kind of positive emotions and experiences” (McGonigal 28). I don’t like spending my time on the digital matrix unproductively instead of working on furthering my interests. My plan, simply put, is to better prioritize my time on the digital matrix so I would be more productive

I currently spent, on average, about 6.5 hours a day aimlessly browsing the web a day. This leaves me very tired in the mooring and I have yielded no fruits to show my labor. This is inconceivable considering I have better things that I like to do such as drawing, analyzing films for themes, and learning new and small skills.  In addition to those interests I also have my school work which the digital matrix has been distracting me from accomplishing. I intend to set up daily goals so I will be able to regain myself as the master of my own time and the digital matrix would be the one whimpering at my feet, not the other way around. My daylily goals would be divided into four categorizes art, films, miscellaneous skill, and school work. For each category I would need to yield fruits that would prove I have used my time on the digital matrix in the most sufficient way possible. For art I would have to create at list one drawing a day that I have spent more than fifteen minutes working on which I would post on my DeviantArt account. For film I would either watch a film (non-feature length films would also fall under this category) or a podcast of other people’s opinions on different films. I would than analyze the film for either themes, relation to the public, character development, cinematography or further devolve my own thought based on the podcast. In order to prove that I used my time as best as I can I would write a quick summery of my analysis and post it on my blog. For miscellaneous skill I would learn a simple skill that I would film myself explaining and demonstrating which I would also post on my blog. Lastly for school work I would spent as much time as I need to away from the digital matrix in order to finish my work. For school work I would ask my teachers after seven days how much the quality of my homework had changed.

this is my link to my DeviantArt for anyone who wants to keep track of my  progress


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