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mentor: I appreciate this blog author’s honesty about her experience of ambiguous loss navigating the world and her wisdom to identity that it is her familiar sense of self that propels her forward. Her writing inspired me to revisit some of e.e. cummings poems ….”it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are….”

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Simon M. hw 15:

Simon, while I do profoundly agree with your ideologies please proofread your work. Unless I am mistaken, one does not simply tell their big story “be” answering the five big questions we talked about in class. I do appreciate your raw sincerity you showcase on the World Wide Web because what you are saying is truer than any other sugar coated excuse of a blog entry. I suggest that you would make slight distinction between the concepts of “good and evil” and “failure” some people could misinterpret their meaning.

Naomi H. hw 15:

Hey Mohr here.
While I do like the explanation you give for why you want to do or accomplish each aspect the writing is rather bland. It sounds more like a rehearsed wedding toast than a blog entry in which you talk about your big stories. Your ambition toward understanding other people makes me wonder whether or not you fully understand yourself and if you don’t do you want to understand yourself or not?


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While I still feel that my sense of purpose is wedged in an ambiguous limbo, I am beginning to chisel away clouding thoughts in order to sculpt something that is utterly and purely composed of me, myself, and I. After chiseling away the layers of convoluted thoughts I am beginning to see that the main influence in my life is the pleasure I gain from being myself. I base the majority of my decision in order to guaranty that I will be comfortable with myself both in the near and distant future. Up until now I have been satisfied of my life, because I am myself and that is something I enjoy being.

While pondering the revelation of joy of being myself I realized I liked being myself because it is comforting. The sensation I get from enjoying being me feels like being nicely tucked into the soft folds of my own skin. For lack of originality and for the sake of illumination, I will answer Andy’s question of “what should I do in the next ten years in order to consider myself as success in my own (metaphorical) eyes?” in order to better explain my thoughts. While I still do not know what I want the next ten years to result in, I do know that over the course of ten years I want to feel a constant sensation of being “comfortable” with myself. To me comfort does not mean laziness, although it is a small part of it, to me comfort is an insightful challenges, it’s worldly beauty, it’s newly gained knowledge, it’s to not feel clustered by my surroundings, it’s not feeling attached to any place or thing. “Comfort”, at list based on my definition of it, makes me further appreciate and enjoy the pleasure of being myself.

While it does seem like a vague and intangible big story, I feel that the pleasure gained from being myself is the core for the majority of my decisions. In addition, being myself is a vague enough of a big story that that it is able to nicely fit my ever changing philosophy and perception of the world around me.

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From my mentor Natalie (who i think commented on HW 13 instead of 12):

I think the author has a valid point that the  DM is a great source of information. It provides us with an over abundance of facts, ideas, and it gives us limitless access to all available sources. Yet, the DM makes our lives more difficult precisely for that reason. In other words, too much about too much. Instead of researching ideas engaging in discourse in depth, in real time, face to face with teachers, professors, peers we are now forced to sift through billions of notes and unverified documents. We find ourselves visually scanning excessive amounts of information. At some point our brains become overloaded and shuts down. It may feel as if we are distracted. But maybe our brains turn on a safety switch and block unnecessary information into our consciousness. What about the unique, co-creation of contact and connection that propels human relationships to seek intimacy, friendship, and experience themselves and their world differently? It is my humble opinion that people who truly want to experience living, to open up to joyfulness and intimacy with others, means loosing the profound isolation that comes with a relational experience to a computer screen.

My protege :

I agree that we are defined by what’s around us and I think you did a great job of capturing the meaning of “big story” without actully telling us what to think. You might want to analyz at what point we of how we also impacting the invorment around us thus creating other peoples “big story”

My comments for

Jared D. hw 12:

Jared, I was initially intrigued by the way you had immediately approached your concerns about the unit and didn’t try to elaborately explain your opinions through shallow metaphors. In the first paragraph you elucidated your reasons for why big game should not be used you mentioned the concept of “freedom” or lack of “freedom”. Based on the context of you sentence I assume that by “freedom” you refer to “free will” which made me deluge into the fallowing questions; do we have a free will? If we don’t can we strive toward free will? Lastly should we have free will? For future writing I would recommend trying to say what you mean in one sentence so you won’t have to use phrases like “This is to say that…”

Simon M. hw 12:


Thank you for making this short. I am rather interested in why you chose the five stories you are interested in studying. I see multiple common themes and motifs that are present in all of the categories. Which makes me wonder whether or not you chose them based on their connection? I recommended adding a bit more stuffing to your two-lined paragraph, that way it won’t look so absence.

Naomi H. hw 12:

HA finally another person who is interested in studying criminology. I was generally pleased by your answers and the skillful way that you organized the stories into an almost three act play. Have you considered an alternative point of view, that which views life is more of an improvised sketch than a organized plan. For future references if you were to use a metaphor throughout the whole paragraph I would make sure it has a strong beginning that uses all the recurring phrases that would be used in the metaphor. Ex: There are a number of ingredients that make up a person’s Big Story  V.S. There are a number of ingredients that make up the cake that is a person’s Big Story.

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During the digital matrix unit I felt as if was placed in the center of a carrousel and was shown all types of interpretation of the digital matrix spinning around me. This sensation led me to further develop my own views of the digital matrix and its effect on my life. Ultimately I don’t think that I had gained any life changing lessons throughout the unit. Nevertheless, I had gained the next best things which were stronger reasons for me to stand by my original opinions about the digital matrix. I believe that when used properly the digital matrix becomes a helpful and enjoyable tool that adds meaning to people’s life. While this claim does seem like the simplest and most cliché of thought bubble that were ever used to describe the digital matrix, it applies perfectly to my life based on what I learned during the unit.

When the unit initially started I had a pre mediated opinion about the digital matrix as a result of living in a house that is heavily influenced by computers. I original thought that the digital matrix is a helpful tool to use in order to further develop a name for one self. After logging my usage of screens over a twenty four hour period and logging my phenomenological experience with screens I had an epiphany; I like interacting with screens because they can stimulate human emotions. This is not to say that I was not aware of that resolution before, it was that after being assigned to analyze my time with the screens the penny had dropped and I had made the connection which had heavily influenced my point of view during this unit.

The next interpretation of the digital matrix I learned was how other people that I interact with on daylily bases perceive the digital matrix. I was greatly disgorged by the majority of replies I got when interviewing people about the digital matrix. The replies I received were a superficial reputation of the societal expected opinion of the digital matrix. One set of interviewers that I genuinely found insightful were my parents. The reason why parents were able to dive into a deeper explanation of the digital matrix than other is because throughout the later part of their life they used the digital matrix to help them successfully progress financially. My parents’ interaction with screens and my already skewed initial thoughts had led me to come up with the first half of my claim that the digital matrix is a useful tool.

While studying in class the different philosophers that talked about representation of reality I learnt the most insightful lesson of the whole unit. While the digital matrix may not be what the majority of the population calls the real world it is still an enjoyable world. Using the words of Cypher from The Matrix; “I know this steak doesn’t exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain. That it is juicy and delicious” (Wachowski). Even though the digital matrix is not “real” it is able to represent “real life” and create stimulates that trigger certain emotions. Many people are discouraged by interaction with screens and dismiss their ability to stimulate emotions because the digital matrix “is not real”. Based on my own experience, the digital matrix is an excellent instrument to channel one’s emotions. On numerous occasions I was able to improve how I felt by interacting with screens. Even though I knew that I was only interacting with representations of the “real world” I still perceived those interactions as enjoyable activities. As a result of studying and compering the concept of representation to my own life I came up with the second half of my claim that the digital matrix is enjoyable.

The digital matrix is often viewed as a hindrance and a distraction for one’s education and intelligence. In the article “Is Google Making us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr argues that the interacting with the internet reverts our ability to concentrate on reading long articles and develop deep analysis. Carr argues that the reason for people loss of intellectuality is because:

“When the Net absorbs a medium, that medium is re-created in the Net’s image. It injects the     medium’s content with hyperlinks, blinking ads, and other digital gewgaws, and it surrounds the content with the content of all the other media it has absorbed. A new e-mail message, for instance, may announce its arrival as we’re glancing over the latest headlines at a newspaper’s site. The result is to scatter our attention and diffuse our concentration” (Carr)

In addition to his article Carr wrote a book, The Shallows, in which he explains that the digital matrix limits people’s ability to create long lasting memory and they tend to fail at recalling the majority of what they learned on the digital matrix.

While the digital matrix does create a lot of noise it does not hinders everyone’s ability to intellectually progress. The major flaw in Carr’s argument about the digital matrix is that he draws his conclusions based on only a certain age group. In his article about Google’s questionable influence on people’s intelligence he only analyzed how people of certain (older) age groups were affected by the internet. Carr had failed to consider that people of younger age are able to harmonically function with the digital matrix. I personally, a relatively young person who had spent her whole life interacting with screens, am able to learn, analyze, and sustain new information that I find on the digital matrix. On more than one accession I read an article on the digital matrix and developed an opinion; only to have the topic of said article appear months later in a conversation and based on my prior knowledge I was able to add an insightful comment to the discussion.

People view the digital matrix as a hindrance and distraction from education for obvious reasons. Without taking in to account the interference that is created as a result of social updates, the digital matrix is distracting because of its many senseless miscellaneous activities. For instance, one just have to look up a picture of a cat doing something abnormal and he will forever be drowning in the oceans of absurdity and procrastination. This had happened to me on numerous occasions, and it had been the dawn fall of the majority of my projects. Based on the knowledge that the digital matrix is distracting and my own opinion I came up with a plan that encouraged me to use the digital matrix in useful and enjoyable way. My plan was to set up daily goals that applied personally to me which were executed through the use of digital matrix; my three my daylily goals were drawing on Photoshop, analyzing films, learning something new. At the end of each day I had to prove that I had completed my goals by posting them online.

Regardless of how cunning my plan was it was still ineffective at getting me to use the digital matrix in a useful and enjoyable way. This was for multiple reason, the main one being I felt uncomfortable updating my work on blogs. Instead I changed my plan so I would keep a journal in which I record my daylily goals. This process was much more efficient and it encouraged me to use the digital matrix to the serve my interests in an enjoyable way while still keeping a log of what I was doing.

I do not find it distressing that many people spend the majority of their time on the digital matrix; in fact I find it soothing to know that people are using this amazing tool. However, the majority of American society is not able to move past its primitive opinions of the digital matrix.  It is important that people not only know but also use the digital matrix in a way that is both useful and enjoyable to them; only then society would not criticize people for interacting with the digital matrix but would praise them for interacting with something that’s useful and enjoyable.



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Wachowski, Lana, and Andy Wachowski. “The Matrix.” . Warner Bros. Pictures, 1999. Web. 10 Dec 2011. <;.

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The majority of big stories share the common characteristic of creating a set of believes, that varies from  person to person, which encourage people to get up and live another day of their life. I believe that without big stories we will cease to be beings that are aware of their existence and we will become inanimate objects. My perception of my big story has recently been fragmented which caused me to lose my sense of purpose and feel un-satisfied with life. Based on my own experience, I want to analyze people that are enacting or enacted in concrete stories which lead them to be happy. I think that humans are like space, meaning that we are defined by what’s around us. Hence people’s big stories alter depending what stimulates they interact with. Since the structure of my narrative has recently proved to be only “stains of rust on mounds of plaster”, I would like to further explore my own big story in order for me to strengthen it.  However, from personal experience I know that if one probes the wall of logic for too long it would eventually crumble down in a catastrophic demolition, which is an experience I would not like to repeat. Before beginning to explore the concepts of big stories I would like to know what “big story” means. Currently I have only been given vague definition of what it could mean or how other schools would call this unit, but I have yet to receive a definite explanation.

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HW 11 – Digital Matrix Challenge Part 3

Success and Failures

I generally do not like to admit defeat and failure but there is no way to describe my attempt at changing my digital matrix usage as utter failure. This was a result to multiple factors some of which I was the cause of and others were out of my control.  My overall goal was to document how I used the digital matrix in a way that was beneficial to me.  However I failed at recording the harvest that my labor had produced. I did accomplish half of the challenge I had created for myself. I drew every day for over fifteen minutes both digitally and by hand. I had learnt new skills such as, cooking and new songs to play on my harmonica. I had analyzed a movie I watched and talked about it with other people. I also accomplished all my school work. While I was able to use the digital matrix in a more beneficially, I had not recorded my progress which was my initial goal.

I believe that the reason why I failed to accomplish my challenge was not only because of my amazing ability to procrastinate, but also because I was using the wrong “tools”. I am relatively uncomfortable with updating blogs and I think it would be more efficient for me to keep a journal of my progress. In addition to my issues with blogs I did not finish the majority of my drawings took too long and I had to do school work, or because I did not like them so I just scraped them. Lastly even though I had completed all my school work I did not prioritize it over spending time on the digital matrix because I had created myself a very loss schedule.

Amended Plan

After failing at recording my work on blogs I need a new system to help me keep track of what I had accomplished. I plan to write down my analysis of films and instructions for how to do the skills different skills I learnt in a journal, which I am more comfortable with. Instead of posting a finished drawing I worked on for more than fifteen minutes I will just draw for one consecutive half an hour and would only post when the picture is finished. By setting a specific time for me to draw I would prevent over lapping my time with other things I have to do.  In order to prevent the temptation to use the digital matrix instead of do my school work I would finish the assignment from one subject and then take a fifteen minutes break.

Based on the class discussion about “the rider the elephant and the path” I have realized that my I spent the majority of my time in my room. However, this distracts me from focusing on doing a premeditated task because I am used to relaxing in my room and I tend to end up spending my time mindlessly browsing the internet. I intended to lead the elephant on a different path by working in an environment that helps me focus more.

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