A lovely bit of cabin fever

HW 11 – Digital Matrix Challenge Part 3

Success and Failures

I generally do not like to admit defeat and failure but there is no way to describe my attempt at changing my digital matrix usage as utter failure. This was a result to multiple factors some of which I was the cause of and others were out of my control.  My overall goal was to document how I used the digital matrix in a way that was beneficial to me.  However I failed at recording the harvest that my labor had produced. I did accomplish half of the challenge I had created for myself. I drew every day for over fifteen minutes both digitally and by hand. I had learnt new skills such as, cooking and new songs to play on my harmonica. I had analyzed a movie I watched and talked about it with other people. I also accomplished all my school work. While I was able to use the digital matrix in a more beneficially, I had not recorded my progress which was my initial goal.

I believe that the reason why I failed to accomplish my challenge was not only because of my amazing ability to procrastinate, but also because I was using the wrong “tools”. I am relatively uncomfortable with updating blogs and I think it would be more efficient for me to keep a journal of my progress. In addition to my issues with blogs I did not finish the majority of my drawings took too long and I had to do school work, or because I did not like them so I just scraped them. Lastly even though I had completed all my school work I did not prioritize it over spending time on the digital matrix because I had created myself a very loss schedule.

Amended Plan

After failing at recording my work on blogs I need a new system to help me keep track of what I had accomplished. I plan to write down my analysis of films and instructions for how to do the skills different skills I learnt in a journal, which I am more comfortable with. Instead of posting a finished drawing I worked on for more than fifteen minutes I will just draw for one consecutive half an hour and would only post when the picture is finished. By setting a specific time for me to draw I would prevent over lapping my time with other things I have to do.  In order to prevent the temptation to use the digital matrix instead of do my school work I would finish the assignment from one subject and then take a fifteen minutes break.

Based on the class discussion about “the rider the elephant and the path” I have realized that my I spent the majority of my time in my room. However, this distracts me from focusing on doing a premeditated task because I am used to relaxing in my room and I tend to end up spending my time mindlessly browsing the internet. I intended to lead the elephant on a different path by working in an environment that helps me focus more.


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