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From my mentor Natalie (who i think commented on HW 13 instead of 12):

I think the author has a valid point that the  DM is a great source of information. It provides us with an over abundance of facts, ideas, and it gives us limitless access to all available sources. Yet, the DM makes our lives more difficult precisely for that reason. In other words, too much about too much. Instead of researching ideas engaging in discourse in depth, in real time, face to face with teachers, professors, peers we are now forced to sift through billions of notes and unverified documents. We find ourselves visually scanning excessive amounts of information. At some point our brains become overloaded and shuts down. It may feel as if we are distracted. But maybe our brains turn on a safety switch and block unnecessary information into our consciousness. What about the unique, co-creation of contact and connection that propels human relationships to seek intimacy, friendship, and experience themselves and their world differently? It is my humble opinion that people who truly want to experience living, to open up to joyfulness and intimacy with others, means loosing the profound isolation that comes with a relational experience to a computer screen.

My protege :

I agree that we are defined by what’s around us and I think you did a great job of capturing the meaning of “big story” without actully telling us what to think. You might want to analyz at what point we of how we also impacting the invorment around us thus creating other peoples “big story”

My comments for

Jared D. hw 12:

Jared, I was initially intrigued by the way you had immediately approached your concerns about the unit and didn’t try to elaborately explain your opinions through shallow metaphors. In the first paragraph you elucidated your reasons for why big game should not be used you mentioned the concept of “freedom” or lack of “freedom”. Based on the context of you sentence I assume that by “freedom” you refer to “free will” which made me deluge into the fallowing questions; do we have a free will? If we don’t can we strive toward free will? Lastly should we have free will? For future writing I would recommend trying to say what you mean in one sentence so you won’t have to use phrases like “This is to say that…”

Simon M. hw 12:


Thank you for making this short. I am rather interested in why you chose the five stories you are interested in studying. I see multiple common themes and motifs that are present in all of the categories. Which makes me wonder whether or not you chose them based on their connection? I recommended adding a bit more stuffing to your two-lined paragraph, that way it won’t look so absence.

Naomi H. hw 12:

HA finally another person who is interested in studying criminology. I was generally pleased by your answers and the skillful way that you organized the stories into an almost three act play. Have you considered an alternative point of view, that which views life is more of an improvised sketch than a organized plan. For future references if you were to use a metaphor throughout the whole paragraph I would make sure it has a strong beginning that uses all the recurring phrases that would be used in the metaphor. Ex: There are a number of ingredients that make up a person’s Big Story  V.S. There are a number of ingredients that make up the cake that is a person’s Big Story.


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