A lovely bit of cabin fever


While I still feel that my sense of purpose is wedged in an ambiguous limbo, I am beginning to chisel away clouding thoughts in order to sculpt something that is utterly and purely composed of me, myself, and I. After chiseling away the layers of convoluted thoughts I am beginning to see that the main influence in my life is the pleasure I gain from being myself. I base the majority of my decision in order to guaranty that I will be comfortable with myself both in the near and distant future. Up until now I have been satisfied of my life, because I am myself and that is something I enjoy being.

While pondering the revelation of joy of being myself I realized I liked being myself because it is comforting. The sensation I get from enjoying being me feels like being nicely tucked into the soft folds of my own skin. For lack of originality and for the sake of illumination, I will answer Andy’s question of “what should I do in the next ten years in order to consider myself as success in my own (metaphorical) eyes?” in order to better explain my thoughts. While I still do not know what I want the next ten years to result in, I do know that over the course of ten years I want to feel a constant sensation of being “comfortable” with myself. To me comfort does not mean laziness, although it is a small part of it, to me comfort is an insightful challenges, it’s worldly beauty, it’s newly gained knowledge, it’s to not feel clustered by my surroundings, it’s not feeling attached to any place or thing. “Comfort”, at list based on my definition of it, makes me further appreciate and enjoy the pleasure of being myself.

While it does seem like a vague and intangible big story, I feel that the pleasure gained from being myself is the core for the majority of my decisions. In addition, being myself is a vague enough of a big story that that it is able to nicely fit my ever changing philosophy and perception of the world around me.


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  1. Hi there, Simon here with a triangle partner comment. I’m glad to see that the metaphors have come along a bit since last time, they connect now. I liked the idea of being “nicely tucked into the soft folds of my own skin” it’s a thought provoking idea.
    However, there is no story here. It is just: “I like being me”. How can you like being “you” when “you” isn’t a definable something? A the metaphors need work. One doesn’t chisel away clouds. Also, the entire second paragraph could be changed to “I like being myself, though I’m not 100% sure what it means to be me.”
    Overall it appears to be the same quality as your last entry, less clunky metaphors, more rambling. Sorry if I sound trite or rude.
    Best of luck on your future endeavors, Simon

  2. NC says:

    I appreciate this blog author’s honesty about her experience of ambiguous loss navigating the world and her wisdom to identity that it is her familiar sense of self that propels her forward. Her writing inspired me to revisit some of e.e. cummings poems ….”it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are….”

  3. naomihendel says:

    My favorite part of your post is ““Comfort”, at list based on my definition of it, makes me further appreciate and enjoy the pleasure of being myself.” I like this line because I think it is very important to enjoy being yourself. I also really enjoyed your definition of comfort and what it means to you to be comfortable. Your definition made me question what I really consider being comfortable to mean. I also really liked your use of the english language. This is a very nicely written post. Best of luck, Naomi.

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