A lovely bit of cabin fever


mentor: I appreciate this blog author’s honesty about her experience of ambiguous loss navigating the world and her wisdom to identity that it is her familiar sense of self that propels her forward. Her writing inspired me to revisit some of e.e. cummings poems ….”it takes courage to grow up and become who you really are….”

portege was unable to post a reply to HW 15 and my back up protege was did not want to post a reply to HW 15

triangle partners:

Jared has yet to post HW 15

Simon M. hw 15:

Simon, while I do profoundly agree with your ideologies please proofread your work. Unless I am mistaken, one does not simply tell their big story “be” answering the five big questions we talked about in class. I do appreciate your raw sincerity you showcase on the World Wide Web because what you are saying is truer than any other sugar coated excuse of a blog entry. I suggest that you would make slight distinction between the concepts of “good and evil” and “failure” some people could misinterpret their meaning.

Naomi H. hw 15:

Hey Mohr here.
While I do like the explanation you give for why you want to do or accomplish each aspect the writing is rather bland. It sounds more like a rehearsed wedding toast than a blog entry in which you talk about your big stories. Your ambition toward understanding other people makes me wonder whether or not you fully understand yourself and if you don’t do you want to understand yourself or not?


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