A lovely bit of cabin fever


Is the story meant for a certain age group? Does Scrooge flippant pursuantly have different meaning based on the story’s age target?

This story is not intended exclusively for the oblivious children nor for the ageing gentlemen. It is a story meant to capture the importance of “each man being with his fellows”. Otherwise how can a man speak of his accomplishments if there is no one to talk to? Scrooge’s almost immediate change of heart strikes different chords for different ages. A young school boy would think that Scrooge is changing due to the overwhelmingness of the Christmas, joy, merriment and seeing people who are “thoroughly good-natured”. While an older and well versed fellow would argue that Scrooge change of heart is the plea of an old man losing the soundness of his mind to silly trifles that could easily be set aside.


Would you argue that Scrooge new found love of Christmas and was forced upon him or had he freely fell in love with the holiday?

It is understandable why one would think that the “pointing spectrum’s hand” had scared Scrooge enough so he felt it necessary to follow its message. However, Scrooge was also shown the joy and kindness one feels among his fellow man and how easy it is to make marry of the world around him. Why no one had instructed Scrooge to love his door knocker at the end of the story. Yet he freely chose to love his knocker and view it as “a wonderful knocker!”


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