A lovely bit of cabin fever


While interviewing my father I unraveled certain aspects of his story that I agree with. His dis-acknowledgement of the idea that life connects to a big ending was best explained by when he said “I wish I had big meaning or plans, but I found out that when you try to have huge plans they don’t work out. When you do simple realistic things, the gears start to rotate. That’s life and with time you discover life lacks meaning”.  This idea that there is no big meaning that defines a person, but many small and distinct things that make up a person’s story is similar to certain parts of my own story.

My mother perception on big story differs from my father. She believes in making the best of every situation and to take the reins in your own hands so that daft elephant would stop wondering off the path. My mother statement that “in life you will be in all types of situation it, you make like some of them you may not, what really matters is how you chose to react to those situations” best summarizes her interpretation of what  her big story is.

Both of my parents’ big stories seam to orbit in around the concept of having a fluid mind so it will be able snake down the narrow and curvy creek that is life. My mother follows the idea of taking charge of your own life in order to pursuit your passions, even though they may change overtime. Throughout her life she chose the direction she wants her life to go based on her interest. I am personally affected by mother’s story because I make my choices based on my own interests. I do not let the lolling chant of previous expectation I had created for myself bare too much of an influence on the direction my life; instead I make my decisions based on my interests, even though they are spontaneous and absorb at times. My father’s story is more about molding your life into a pliant, metaphorical, substance. Instead of following one big idea, a lifelong passion, or premeditated guidelines he does things as they come to him. He doesn’t think life is a red carpet that leads to a majestic conclusion; it’s more of a busy crowd filled with things to do, thoughts to think, or self-expression to be mad heading nowhere. My father’s story had often led me to doubt my own story and purpose because the lack of meaning raised many questions that illustrated how meaningless and redundant life can be.


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