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My father’s interpretation on existentialism: it is good to have a backup plan, but it is much better to live life spontaneously.

Existentialism is the belief that the world has no value and each individual person has to create their own meaning. When most people mentally accept this belief they often lose all enjoyments they had prior to their epiphany.  During my time with dealing with my existential epiphany earlier this year I had felt divested, nauseated, and painfully torn apart from lack of reason to do anything.

Jean- Paul Sartre, an influential figure in the progress of existentialism, states that “freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you”. He also says that “hell is other people” which is a statement I categorically agree with.

While fallowing the torrents of thought I had on existentialism, I noticed that my ideas overlapped with my thoughts on Occam’s razor (the belief that if presented with multiple options, whichever is easiest is usually the right one) and anarchy [(a society without a publicly enforced government.) Andy, no you do not need to worry that I will start a revaluation to terminate your regime as a teacher]. I would like to as to what extant can these three philosophy can co-exist?

Is there an existential version of taking someone else’s fate into one’s own hands?

How can we make our own choices while still living with in societal restrictions?

Is it possible to freely, and without any external influence, chose to follow a religion (which means following it’s big story)  as an exercises of existentialism? Is it just following that religion’s big story? Or is it just a paradox?


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  1. andy says:


    A favorite author of mine, Ursula Le Guin, wrote a great sci-fi novel that explores a combo of anarchism, existentialism, kibbutzim, etc – called the Dispossessed.

    Read it and tell me what you think.

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