A lovely bit of cabin fever


Exhilaration: When one feels an amalgam of both fear happiness and the sense of successfully avoiding physical harm. This sensation is ignited when one finishes a dangerous task fairly unscathed. This sensation intensifies when said task is finished either in the presence of other people or recorded to be posted on the internet. Activities such as Parkour or any other extreme sports are great stimulants of exhilaration

Bliss: A sense ones feel when introduced to something that is complete perfection and harmony; such as the first ten seconds after entering a warm bath or the first bite of a delicious food. Even though this sensation tends to were off fairly quickly, it is quite alright considering bliss can be achieved on numerous occasions throughout the day (simplest method is drinking an exuberant amount of water and then excusing oneself to go use the bathroom).

Comfort (physical, not to be confused with mental comfort) : Comfort is when one feels dispelled from his or her surrounding while said person’s body is positioned perfectly so no one spot is irritated. This feeling seems to be the result of a person unconsciously shifting into a suitable position while the mind is deeply focused on something else. Much like falling asleep no one can pinpoint the exact moment of sleeping into comfort, but once a person has been made aware of his surrounding he no longer feels comfortable. For those who try to achieve physical comfort try to only focus on your train of thoughts and you will discover you have shifted into a comfortable position.

As an additional note I would like to add that orgasmic sensations are also a noteworthy as stimulants of happiness. However, due to school policy’s I will not ablate on that subject

I think that what places all of these sensations under the so called umbrella of happiness is that they help us to monetarily forget about other more straining matters. Life is made up of many experiences, thoughts, and emotions. However, many of the previously mentioned components of life are not only depressing but sometimes even traumatizing. As people we are able to withstand the pressure of all the negatives emotions we are exposed to by using different stimulants to distract us. This claim is biased on my personal experience with dealing with depressing and traumatic experiences. However, I am not claiming that using emotions that stimulate happiness in order to create a distraction is the only correlation between said emotions and happiness. I believe that different people have different views on how sensations are connected to happiness, and possibly they have a more optimistic interpretation than me.


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  1. Hello there Mohr, Simon here again. Well, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! It is a rare occurrence that one has the opportunity to look at the world and all that makes it what it is through another person’s eyes. The most note-worthy part of the post (in my opinion) was the summarizing paragraph. I find the notion of happiness as naught but a reprieve from the ills and woes of the world fascinating, few people have the creativity o see the world in such a fashion.
    While I enjoyed the post, I couldn’t help but feel that the types of happiness could of resonated better if you gave the whole thing a quick second look over, some worthy sentences were undermined by little grammatical errors. Further, I would liked to of seen you elaborate on further forms of happiness, as you brought up mental comfort and never touched on it again.
    Overall it was a strong post which demonstrated understanding of the prompt, and individual creativity.
    Below are some minor corrections I noticed, nothing big, but fixing them would take the post that extra mile.

    Minor notes or questions:
    Amalgamation, not amalgam.
    Finish unscathed is a little rough, maybe get through unscathed (the most commonplaces usage of the word)
    Paragraph 2 sentence one, I am not sure that should be a semi-Colan
    Can bliss be eternal? Can anything be perfect?
    one is not dispelled from their surroundings, once dispels their surroundings.
    Slipping into comfort
    can one not lie in bed feeling comfortable?
    Paragraph 3 last sentence, no “for” just “those who focus upon reaching physical comfort…”
    those/your, contradiction
    your note seems to imply that those 3 sensations (and carnal pleasure) are the only forms of happiness, do you believe that, if not than you could rephrase it.
    “Other, more straining matters”
    “Life is made up of…” Is unnecessary. Thus remove “However” as well.
    Best of luck in all future endeavors,
    -Simon McAleney

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