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Job Correlated with INFJ Personality Match Job prospects Income Expectations Preparation requirements Additional notes

 Art, Teachers,


Value knowledge and competence above all else


Have very high standards for performance, which they apply to themselves


Creative and insightful


Interested in expressing oneself

–  job opportunities for teachers in general will be good to excellent, depending on the grade level, locality and subject taught

art teachers at the postsecondary level earned a median annual wage of $62,040


teachers working for junior colleges earned annual mean wages of $72,990


Teachers working at technical and trade schools received $51,500 annually

–   At a minimum, art teachers are generally required to have a Bachelor of Fine Arts or similar degree in addition to a teaching certification, in order to enter the career field


– Public schools require licensure in art education before teachers may lead a classroom on their own.

– This will slightly work against my “personality”

Because it will require me to work with others

Forestry and Park Ranger – Trust my own insight and opinions above others

– Live primarily inside my own minds, and appear to be detached and uninvolved with other people

– Value knowledge and competence above all else

– The Federal Government expect a large number of their workers to retire over the next decade.

– There is likely to be a large number of job openings for foresters and conservation scientists in government.

– In general, workers with.

-Median annual wages $53,750


-Middle 50% earn between $42,980 and $65,000.


-Lowest 10 percent earn less than $34,710,


–  Highest 10 percent earned more than $78,350

–  Generally, a high school diploma is sufficient for most forest and conservation occupations.


-Most forest develop skills through on-the-job training, learning from experienced workers.

– Forest and conservation workers must be in good health and able to work outdoors every day. They also must be able to work as part of a team. Maturity and good judgment are important in making quick, intelligent decisions when hazards arise.


Both teaching and park ranger-ing contradict my preference of deeply analyzing a problem and preference for working in isolation. However, both occupations will require a person to make instinctive and creative decisions based on one’s own judgment that will not only affect the immediate future but also the distant future. Working as an art teacher will not only allow me to express my ideas to other people, it will also give me an opportunity to study the nature of group interaction as a bystander. The majority of park rangers spend a large portion of their time traveling outdoors. When trekking I recoil into my own mind in order to analyze my life while listening to the meditating sound of my marching feet.

A tipping point between these two careers is the annual income. While teachers are paid approximately $62,176 a year park rangers tend to earn about $53,750 annually. However, I am also taking into consideration that park rangers tend to live a more ascetic life than teachers.





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Itwas my own business, I was working in the school but the parents paid me separately. So yeah I was a sort of an adjunct. It was a sort of an after school program but offered during school hours. I was working under different circumstances the parents would pay me directly, so it was an extra curriculum enrichment course. I did get a taste of what is it to not have a boss and to make my own hours. As a teacher in the states I had an eight to three…four jobs I got the summer off and some holidays off so I don’t think I am your typical worker, but we didn’t get paid as much as we needed.


America is actually a great place to start a business because it is so easy to open one. Many people only see the American market negatively and tend to take it for granted. However, it is also very easy to have your business go bank robed, but it’s okay. In America, people are easily forgiven for having their business ruined, financially and in terms of moral. I think it’s great that people have a chance to be in charge of their own business and don’t have to work as a small gear in a big company.


Both of my interviewees have and do not work for a huge corporation. However, they also both acknowledged the fact that not everyone can be their own boss, or work separately from a company.

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Even though I had analyzed the ideology of existentialism and my triangle partner’s had asked a plentiful amount of evoking remarks, I do not believe that the end of the unit challenge had altered how enact my big story. If anything had resulted from this process is I now have a better definition as to how I incorporate my big story it to my life. I realized that I am not living a simple binary oppositional story but rather a more interwoven story of ideas that I find comforting. On a final note I would like to clarify that I did find this process inciting but not necessarily enlightening.

This challenge has finally proved to me that the triangle partners system can actually be beneficial to our writing and not just to our grades. The challenge’s writing process had showed me how one’s writing and thought process can drastically improve after being reviewed by multiple editors. I personally think that my writing had improved mostly because of “external efforts” and not my own “internal editing”

My T-shirt is now in the washer and or just plainly missing so here is a representation of me and my T-shit


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HW 29 BIG STORY CHALLENGE (or why I am a colossal clot)

I would first of all like to say that what i have written on post 28 is actually my revised draft and not the original one, which I changed after reading Simon’s comment. Hence my first draft,which i never saved on my computer, is now forever lost. I suggest using Simon’s comment as an indicator to how horrible my first draft had been. Once again sorry for the inconvenient mistake and I hope this would not alter my grade too much.

commonest from:

                  Mentor:Pithy! I love the reduction of an essay into a 140 word gist! Not an easy task.

                                     A unique and interesting angle of the sculpture which may reflect how you also see the world.

                 Protege:you say that a good life is “finding a purposeful & personal way to spend time” don’t you also relay on other people so it cant be completley personal


   Hello Mohr, Simon here once again. I’d like to start by complementing you on instilling something so monolithic into such a small space, you summed up your big                 story well and provided a feasible and interesting reason as to why you adhere to it.
That being said, There are about 173 characters in the abbreviation, significantly more than the assignment limited you to (almost 19% more in fact). I also find it difficult agreeing with your conclusion. You are not an existentialist, at least not according to this. According to this you are living in what I would refer to as “escapist fantasy/straw nihilism”, you understand that life has no meaning but still cannot convince yourself that you can live without meaning, thus you create a pretend philosophy as shelter from your true belief.
Your 3-7 word “catch phrase” is 12 words, that’s (on average) more that twice the amount you were told to use. It is also unrelated to your supposed belief system, it symbolizes boredom and angst, where your version of existentialism is more hedonism and forced ignorance. It is also a quote which greatly reduces its intrinsic value as a summery of YOUR belief system, you are trying to uplift your state of awareness, not absorb the dogma of others.
Overall I would say that you should
1. Try to either except the truth of the belief or except that your philosophy is flawed and work that into your writing.
2. Don’t waste writing on definitions, use your space wisely.
3. Be poetic, this should come from your right hemisphere.
4. Finally, come up with your own phrase, do as your big story claims and give meaning to nothingness.

P.S. I am aware of the inherent hypocracy in some of the things I say, I understand that I am not the one to tell you how to live your life, I am just trying to provide my opinion, what I write is in no way the be-all-end-all.

Good luck,


My Comments on:

                     Simon’s blog: hello, i was wondering why you chose the word immortal of all words to describe people’s motivations. Is it because people strive to be immortal, think they are immortal, are under the illusion that an immortal being had created them? I suggest to either change the tense of relentless to relentlessly so there would at least be a correlation between relentless and immortal, or you can just replace immortal with a more self explanatory word.
I thought that your 3-7 words sentence seemed heavily influenced by futurism, however I did not feel that the idea of trust in the machine was that evident in your paper, hence making it unclear if the sentence is suggesting if this is how you see humanity or is this how nihilism views humanity. Lastly i think you choice of picture did not only break away from the all cliches but also clearly and simply explained nihilism. I personally connected it to the Cthulhu Mythos which often goes into great depth about how insignificant human beings are to the cosmos.

                     Naomi’s Blog: hi i just want to say that everything about your 140 words and 3-7 words highly contradictory to your essay. Your essay mentions on numerous occasions that you want to be a mom and a psychiatric for the criminally insane. How can you preach people to be free to attend and accept when you want to be some one who molds people, and labels people.

The revised (and only existing) draft: 

140 (~ish)-words abbreviation:

Existentialism=attaching personal meaning & choosing how to live regardless if life has no meaning. Good life=finding a purposeful & personal way to spend time

3-7 words abbreviation:

Everything is nothing with out us

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