A lovely bit of cabin fever


Even though I had analyzed the ideology of existentialism and my triangle partner’s had asked a plentiful amount of evoking remarks, I do not believe that the end of the unit challenge had altered how enact my big story. If anything had resulted from this process is I now have a better definition as to how I incorporate my big story it to my life. I realized that I am not living a simple binary oppositional story but rather a more interwoven story of ideas that I find comforting. On a final note I would like to clarify that I did find this process inciting but not necessarily enlightening.

This challenge has finally proved to me that the triangle partners system can actually be beneficial to our writing and not just to our grades. The challenge’s writing process had showed me how one’s writing and thought process can drastically improve after being reviewed by multiple editors. I personally think that my writing had improved mostly because of “external efforts” and not my own “internal editing”

My T-shirt is now in the washer and or just plainly missing so here is a representation of me and my T-shit



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