A lovely bit of cabin fever



Itwas my own business, I was working in the school but the parents paid me separately. So yeah I was a sort of an adjunct. It was a sort of an after school program but offered during school hours. I was working under different circumstances the parents would pay me directly, so it was an extra curriculum enrichment course. I did get a taste of what is it to not have a boss and to make my own hours. As a teacher in the states I had an eight to three…four jobs I got the summer off and some holidays off so I don’t think I am your typical worker, but we didn’t get paid as much as we needed.


America is actually a great place to start a business because it is so easy to open one. Many people only see the American market negatively and tend to take it for granted. However, it is also very easy to have your business go bank robed, but it’s okay. In America, people are easily forgiven for having their business ruined, financially and in terms of moral. I think it’s great that people have a chance to be in charge of their own business and don’t have to work as a small gear in a big company.


Both of my interviewees have and do not work for a huge corporation. However, they also both acknowledged the fact that not everyone can be their own boss, or work separately from a company.


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