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Job Correlated with INFJ Personality Match Job prospects Income Expectations Preparation requirements Additional notes

 Art, Teachers,


Value knowledge and competence above all else


Have very high standards for performance, which they apply to themselves


Creative and insightful


Interested in expressing oneself

–  job opportunities for teachers in general will be good to excellent, depending on the grade level, locality and subject taught

art teachers at the postsecondary level earned a median annual wage of $62,040


teachers working for junior colleges earned annual mean wages of $72,990


Teachers working at technical and trade schools received $51,500 annually

–   At a minimum, art teachers are generally required to have a Bachelor of Fine Arts or similar degree in addition to a teaching certification, in order to enter the career field


– Public schools require licensure in art education before teachers may lead a classroom on their own.

– This will slightly work against my “personality”

Because it will require me to work with others

Forestry and Park Ranger – Trust my own insight and opinions above others

– Live primarily inside my own minds, and appear to be detached and uninvolved with other people

– Value knowledge and competence above all else

– The Federal Government expect a large number of their workers to retire over the next decade.

– There is likely to be a large number of job openings for foresters and conservation scientists in government.

– In general, workers with.

-Median annual wages $53,750


-Middle 50% earn between $42,980 and $65,000.


-Lowest 10 percent earn less than $34,710,


–  Highest 10 percent earned more than $78,350

–  Generally, a high school diploma is sufficient for most forest and conservation occupations.


-Most forest develop skills through on-the-job training, learning from experienced workers.

– Forest and conservation workers must be in good health and able to work outdoors every day. They also must be able to work as part of a team. Maturity and good judgment are important in making quick, intelligent decisions when hazards arise.


Both teaching and park ranger-ing contradict my preference of deeply analyzing a problem and preference for working in isolation. However, both occupations will require a person to make instinctive and creative decisions based on one’s own judgment that will not only affect the immediate future but also the distant future. Working as an art teacher will not only allow me to express my ideas to other people, it will also give me an opportunity to study the nature of group interaction as a bystander. The majority of park rangers spend a large portion of their time traveling outdoors. When trekking I recoil into my own mind in order to analyze my life while listening to the meditating sound of my marching feet.

A tipping point between these two careers is the annual income. While teachers are paid approximately $62,176 a year park rangers tend to earn about $53,750 annually. However, I am also taking into consideration that park rangers tend to live a more ascetic life than teachers.





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