A lovely bit of cabin fever


A)    Family Communication: improving your ability to express yourself and your listening skills.

B)    Co-Planning with Andy Y.

C)    You all must be wondering why we asked you to gather here. Well we are here to improve are communication skills. During the next half an hour we will go over and act out simulation of various methods of expressing our emotions and improving our ability at listen to each other. By the end of the activity we want you to walk out with a plan on how to better listen and express your emotions the next time you get into an argument.

D)    I have Andy’s contact information and we have yet to determine a time for us to work on the project outside of school.

E)     We have researched two books and three articles which give various advices on how to improve one’s listening skills and ability at expressing one’s emotions

F)     In the next few days we will apply the advices found in the articles when talking to our own families. We would then record weather or not we felt like we gained a better understanding of how the other person was listening or if the person understood us. This will help us determine which techniques to focus on during the session.



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